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Meet Eugene: Glad to be part of Moja Tu

When Eugene scored an impressive 380 marks in his primary exit examinations, few people were surprised. Those who know him know how much he values education and the effort he puts into his studies. Was he excited about the results? He gives a resounding yes, as he knew it paved the way for him to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot.

The excellent results also served as affirmation for the young boy who recently lost his mother. Eugene says he is the second born of three children, and that he grew up without knowing his father. He wants to build a successful career so he can take care of himself and his siblings. He has lived at one of our partner children’s homes – Dream Children’s Home – since he was three years old and knows no other home.

Having benefitted from the kindness of others, Eugene is committed to helping children from similar situations to lead a better life. Eugene understands that practice makes perfect, and he espouses this in day-to-day life. For example, he likes drawing, and he has noticed that the more he draws, the better he becomes. He has employed this mindset in his studies, especially math and science, his two favorite subjects, and he has gotten excellent results. He wants to continue with this spirit when he goes to high school, as he has knows for a fact that it works.

“When I got the encouraging news that I had qualified to be part of Moja Tu, I was so excited, and I promised myself to use the opportunity to achieve my goals,” he happily explains.

Being his first time in high school, Eugene admits he was excited to meet new people and make friends.


“It helped that some boys from Moja Tu also attend the same school, and they warmly welcomed me to the school,” he says and excitedly shares that he has already joined the handball club in his school, which is part of the extracurricular activities.

He is happy that he found a sponsor who has committed to helping him succeed in all areas of his life, and he is looking forward to meeting them during a video call.
“I can’t wait to thank them in person and to also know them better,” he says.

Students like Eugene are bound to go far in life thanks to the support they get from kind-hearted sponsors. Help us change more children’s lives with the gift of education by donating to Moja Tu. Make your donation here:

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