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Meet Cyril: A Leader in the Making

November 1, 2023

Cyril is a confident and diligent young woman on the brink of her final year of high school. With unwavering determination, she is gearing up for high school exit exams this month. Cyril is fueled by the dream of becoming an accountant and supporting her family.

Hailing from Naivasha, Cyril proudly holds the position of firstborn in her family of three and wants to be a role model to her siblings. Her parents, engaged in casual labor with limited income, consistently strive to make ends meet, facing the inherent challenges of financial constraints.

In 2020, Cyril’s life took a transformative turn when she joined Moja Tu, which became the beacon of hope illuminating her educational path. Prior to receiving sponsorship, Cyril faced the daunting reality of dropping out of school. Moja Tu’s support ensured that her academic journey ensued seamlessly.

More than covering her education expenses, Moja Tu extends a supportive hand that alleviates the burdens carried by Cyril’s parents. From school fees to transportation, school shopping, and essential revision books, Moja Tu has woven a safety net that allows Cyril to concentrate on her studies without the looming shadows of financial strain.

“Getting this sponsorship was a great relief to my parents. My education has been smooth, and I have no worries about where my school fees will come from,” Cyril exclaims, her gratitude echoing through the corridors of opportunity that have opened up for her.

Beyond the classroom, Cyril is a leader in the making. She is the school captain, which showcases her leadership skills. Her prowess extends to the athletic track, where she sprints towards success, and to the arts, where she orchestrates harmonies as a choirmaster. During her leisure time, she finds joy in dancing, a testament to the vibrant spirit that defines her.

Cyril thanks her sponsors, Michael, Melanie, and Natalie, acknowledging their pivotal role in empowering her through education. Their support shapes Cyril’s future and catalyzes a ripple effect, inspiring hope and change.

“I would like to thank my sponsors for supporting my education and empowering me,” she says.

Cyril’s story celebrates resilience and the limitless possibilities that unfold when we invest in dreams. As she waits for her high school exit exam in November, Cyril embodies the unwavering spirit that reminds us all that education is about acquiring knowledge and unlocking a world of possibilities.

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