Moja Tu

Meet Caleb

Caleb’s father passed away when he was a young boy, leaving his mother behind to raise three children. When it was Caleb’s turn to join secondary school in January of 2016, his family had no money to pay his school fees. Well-wishers around the neighborhood donated enough to pay his part of his school fees; however, he still needed supplies and the rest of his fees paid, so Caleb was sent home not long after the start of his first term of high school.

Despite this setback, Caleb was determined to go to school. After joining Moja Tu, he was able to go back to finish his first year of high school. He quickly caught up on his classwork and sat for his final exams at the end of 2016, where he blew everyone away by earning straight A’s. Caleb has continued this high-achieving streak over the past two years, regularly making some of the highest grades in his class. Caleb loves science, and often competes in local science fairs. Last year, he even won an iPad for his work on his science project, “The Methane Generator.”

Caleb knows that the best way he can help his family out of poverty is to earn his education and build his career. He is a strong, bright young man, with lots of potential and a great future ahead of him. Thank you for helping Caleb continue to pursue his education!