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Meet Angela: Learning and growing in medical engineering

August 30, 2023

At the age of 22, Angela emerges as a young and ambitious individual with an insatiable thirst for new experiences and exploration. An avid traveler and self-starter, she is currently immersed in the world of medical engineering at the Technical University of Mombasa.

Angela’s academic pursuits are complemented by her fervent passion for reading and writing. “Books are a window to endless possibilities, and writing allows me to express my thoughts and creativity,” she articulates.

Her remarkable journey took an empowering turn in late 2017 when she crossed paths with Moja Tu. Initially sponsor-less, Angie found solace in Moja Tu’s benevolence as we extended our support to cover her school fees. Reflecting on those transformative moments, she states, “Moja Tu’s sponsorship was a turning point, a testament to the impactful change that can be achieved through collective support.”

2018 marked a pivotal chapter for Angela as she was introduced to her sponsors, Christie and Uhuru. She fondly recalls, “Meeting Christie and Uhuru was wonderful. Their unwavering encouragement has been a cornerstone of my educational journey.”

Currently immersed in the world of medical engineering, Angela’s academic pursuits revolve around the intricate tasks of repairing, maintaining, servicing, and installing medical equipment. As she navigates her attachments, her responsibilities span a wide spectrum, including equipment enhancement, installation, ensuring patient-doctor safety, user training, and preventive maintenance. “The experience has been transformative,” she acknowledges. “I’ve grown leaps and bounds from the novice I was merely two months ago.”

In the field, Angela’s horizons have expanded through enriching interactions with an array of medical professionals, ranging from surgeons and consultants to nurses and medical sales representatives. “Every interaction is a mutual exchange of knowledge,” she enthuses. “The insights gained have endowed me with a profound understanding of medical equipment and its pivotal role in ensuring patient welfare.”

Throughout her internship, Angie has witnessed the remarkable evolution of medical technology. “The metamorphosis is astounding,” she exclaims. “From cumbersome, noisy machines, we’ve transitioned to compact, user-friendly equipment that revolutionizes patient care.”

Angela advises aspiring medical engineering students and every student pursuing their educational goals: “Embrace each opportunity with an open mind and a readiness to learn from others.”

Her aspirations shine brightly. “A degree in medical engineering is my next milestone, and I envision myself spearheading a sales business for medical equipment,” she confidently states.

Angela’s journey embodies resilience, growth, and an unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact in the realm of medical engineering. As she continues to carve her path, her story remains a testament to the boundless potential of education and the transformative power of unwavering support.

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