Moja Tu

Meet Peter

Peter is the only son to his single mother. He is a hardworking 13-year-old boy who managed to score a 317 on his KCPEs. This is a solid grade that will grant him entry to a good secondary school. He was referred to us by three independent sources: his school board, the local administrative officer, and his church. He loves playing football and is part of his school’s football team. Together, they represented their school at the sub-county games earlier this year. In terms of his career goals, Peter aspires to join the Kenyan Defense Forces as a specialist to ensure peace and security in his nation.

Peter’s happy personality conceals the real challenges he faces in his home life. Sadly, Peter is the result of a rape that occurred to his mentally unstable mother. His mother can only tend their neighbor’s livestock for work. They live with Peter’s aging grandmother, who, at 76 years old, is not able to do much of the labor jobs that are in demand around their community. She fetches firewood for their neighbors; otherwise, the family relies on support from well-wishers in the area.

His grandmother would love to see Peter go to secondary school; unfortunately, she is not able to afford to send him. Help Peter get the education he deserves by sponsoring him today!