Moja Tu

Meet Winfred

In rural Kenya, young girls can only dare dream of a good life since they do not have an exposure beyond the daily routines of fetching water, fetching firewood, attending to cleaning chores among other house related duties. It is only in school that they get a chance to interact with teachers who are considered most knowledgeable and they impact the ideas of a different lifestyle away from the village.

She is taking advantage of serving as a house help in her school deputy’s compound who is putting her in school as way of payment. However, she loves staying here since her parents separated and she either way would have ended up as a house help in another homestead changing the course of her life. She loves going to school and she loves the nice things at the deputy’s home including guaranteed meals and shelter.

Winny, as she’s nicknamed, has continued to post the best grades in her class and is eligible to join Secondary School. Her performance at the moment is guaranteeing her a spot in a good Secondary school. She will need to work harder than most other girls since she will have to learn some basic skills as well as cope with the exposure to a new lifestyle.

She needs support with school fees to ensure she stays in school throughout and make the most out of it. She needs support with basic utilities and school supplies. She needs somebody to encourage her that her dreams are valid and that she is important. She is smart and given the opportunity she has a chance to really make a future for herself.