Moja Tu

Wilson’s Potential: Forward Motion

As a child of the semi-nomadic Samburu community, Wilson was expected to become a clan warrior. His duties as such would have been to herd and protect his community’s livestock from raids by neighboring tribes. Wilson had watched his older siblings marry and begin families without finishing their schooling. His community’s frequent relocation made it difficult to stay at the same primary school for too long, and he fell behind two years in his schooling.

However, Wilson persisted. He loved going to school and earned grades that put him at the top of his class. In addition, Wilson competed in primary school athletic events. His height and long limbs helped him breeze by the competition, and propelled him to national competitions several times.

His teachers noticed his determination and athletic ability, and sought Moja Tu’s assistance in helping him continue on to secondary school. Once he was sponsored, it was a matter of convincing his community to allow him to go to secondary school. The Samburu consider themselves all one family: distinctions are not necessarily made between blood relations and other community members. With this in mind, Moja Tu helped Wilson to generate excitement among all the members of his community about the opportunities he could gain by continuing on with school. The community decided to allow Wilson to continue on to secondary school and move in to the school dorms.

Wilson joined secondary school this past January, and continues to blow everyone away with his athletic ability and intelligence. In his first 3 months of secondary school, Wilson has already competed in the most track events that any other student at his school. He also ranks first in all but one of these events, and according to his school records, his 100-meter dash time is less than a second and a half behind Usain Bolt’s world record. He (and another Moja Tu student, Domitila) will be attending the national competitions representing their schools in April.

Even with his promising athletic prospects, Wilson has not lost sight of why he is in school to begin with. His academic performance is still beyond admirable. Though he has had to adjust to the way of life at secondary school, he has maintained his straight-A grades, and has also been made class president and prefect for Form 1.

Wilson is a favorite among his classmates and teachers. He is generous in nature and loves to smile. A very tall boy, his classmates often poke fun at his height and how his trousers don’t reach his ankles. Rather than be offended, he joins in on the fun by joking along with them.

His jovial personality, determination to succeed in school, and promising performances in academics and athletics are shaping him into a wonderful young man. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Wilson!

Kathy Kempff