Moja Tu

Valentine’s Day


IMG-20170125-WA0041Hearts, flowers, chocolates, and Love, are some of the staples typically seen in Western countries around this time. However, not everybody celebrates Valentine’s Day in this manner. In Kenya, the public celebration of romance and love between couples is not the norm, it is actually seen as a taboo. Couples don’t normally partake in public affection such as, holding hands, kissing in public, or even sharing gifts and flowers. It is especially frowned upon for young teenagers.

With this being said, Kenya has drastically been changing over the last few decades. The Nation has started to gain an increase in cultural integration. With Valentine’s Day celebrations, becoming more and more acceptable. However, due to the social-economic gap in society Valentine’s Day is celebrated a bit different then in Western Countries. Most of whom celebrate Valentine’s day in Kenya are middle and upper-class society. This indicates that less then ¼ of the society is now engaging and celebrating this holiday.

We believe Valentine’s Day should be an inclusive day filled with joy, laughter and, lasting friendships. Which is why our University Students will be visiting our partnered children’s homes and celebrating the day with our younger students tutoring them, and spreading the love of education.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     We love our students and sponsors too and hope you also have a wonderful                                                                                                                                                                                     Valentine’s Day.