Moja Tu

University Hopeful: Eunice

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true” –Leon Joseph.

With the right focus and determination, one is destined to succeed. All of the students in the Moja Tu program have shown us that they are dedicated to improving their lives through education, but one student in particular stands out – our university hopeful, Eunice.

Eunice’s dream of becoming a teacher almost crashed when she completed high school in 2015. Having secured a position at Kenyatta University, the big hurdle was raising the necessary funds to pay for her school fees. The generosity of the people in her village helped her raise the money to attend university for the first semester; however, she was not able to continue after that. Determined to fulfill her dreams, Eunice started a small business of selling groundnuts so that she could be able to raise some money for her school fees. She put herself through school like this until she learned about Moja Tu earlier this year.

“I came across a Moja Tu post on Facebook,” Eunice says. “I got interested, started to read about the activities of the organization and realized they support students who are exactly in my position. I didn’t know if I would secure a sponsorship through the program, but I decided to give it a shot anyway. I downloaded the application forms online, filled them out and submitted them, hoping that I would get a response.”

Eunice’s sunny personality and sheer determination amazed our board, and we quickly agreed to help her with her school fees. Now, Eunice can focus on simply attending classes and doing her best in school. She tells us, “since I joined this beautiful family, I have never had to miss a semester or worry about my school fees. Looking ahead I am so full of hope for a better tomorrow. I would like to change my life and the lives of the people in my village. Moja Tu is indeed transforming lives education. Thank you Moja Tu.”

Eunice is tirelessly pursuing her career goals, and the better future that will come with these goals. She is in need of a sponsor who can help her finish her university degree. Can you help this amazing young woman take flight? Sponsor her today!

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