Sponsor a Student

All of our students are extraordinary and have overcome a lot in their education journey. While we’d like to tell all of their stories, let’s start with some stories selected especially for you.


High school

Meet Obed, a determined 14-year-old student with big dreams and an even bigger heart. Currently studying at Mirera Primary School in Naivasha, Obed faces significant financial challenges at home. His mother, the sole breadwinner, works tirelessly in the flower farms of Naivasha to provide for Obed and his two siblings. The burden of supporting the family rests heavily on her shoulders.

Obed’s family’s financial struggles have already affected his elder siblings, who had to drop out of school due to the inability to afford fees. This has left Obed anxious about his future, fearing he might also have to abandon his education without a supporter. The family’s humble living conditions in a one-room house in the slums of Naivasha further emphasize the hardships they endure daily.

Despite the adversities he faces, Obed’s positive personality shines brightly. His determination to succeed and his unwavering commitment to education are truly inspiring. With the right support, Obed has the potential to achieve great things and make a positive impact on society.

By sponsoring Obed’s high school education, you can change the trajectory of his life. Your support will help him receive an education and offer him a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a brighter future for himself and his family. Together, we can empower Obed to reach his full potential and become a beacon of hope for his community.

Join us in supporting Obed’s education and be a part of this incredible journey toward a better future. Your sponsorship will make a significant difference in Obed’s life. Together, we can help him turn his dreams into reality. Take action today and invest in a brighter tomorrow for Obed.

The Sponsor Experience

  • Cassie and Elijah

    “When we signed up to sponsor our students, we hoped it would help improve their lives. What we didn’t expect was how it would change ours.

    Our students have become our teachers about life, gratitude, optimism, and finding joy in each moment. Supporting an education is a direct investment into these students and their future. Through a sponsorship with Moja Tu, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful relationship with a student that will change not only their life, but yours as well.”