Moja Tu

Meet Stephen

Mature and smart, Stephen has always been the man of the house. His father passed away when he was little, and he and his four older sisters were raised by their mother. He watched his sisters all drop out of school, and two were married young, had children, and returned home when their marriages failed. He left school for 2 years in order to work casual labor jobs in order to help provide for his family. However, he studied independently during this time, realizing that getting his education was the key to helping his family in the long run.

Upon returning to school, Stephen was made the senior secretary of the environmental club. He uses his position to make passionate public speeches that have caused him to become a standout in his community. He will be sitting for his secondary school exams this November, and dreams of moving forward with his education in order to help his family, as well as others in his community, out of poverty.