Moja Tu

Meet Samuel: Finding meaning in education

Samuel is a former student at the Sensei Institute of Technology. He joined the institute two years ago for a course in machine plant operation. Before joining Moja Tu in 2009, Samuel had given up on his education and had resigned to the fate of never being able to hold a steady job.

“Before Moja Tu came along, life was very tough for me. I had dropped out of school due to a lack of financial aid. My parents were not in a position to provide for my high school education and that led me to abandon school when I was in form two,” he reveals.

It was in this dark moment of life that he met Erika, his future sponsor. “Before meeting Erika, it had been ages since anyone asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Erika came into my life when I was on the verge of giving up on education and life altogether. It felt really good to open up about my dreams to her, which included a desire to be a machine plant operator,” Samuel explains.

He adds that he instantly connected with Erika. He could also feel she was genuinely concerned about his welfare and his future. And so it was that Samuel was enrolled into the program and his hopes for higher education were reignited. At the Sensei Institute of Technology, Samuel undertook a three-month course in machine plant operations and he is now a competent excavator operator.

“I have just completed my attachment and I am currently looking for a job. Like everyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic stalled some of my plans, but things are starting to pick up now!”

Besides the knowledge he gained in school, Samuel says the experience also opened his eyes to the opportunities around him and even as he waits to get a job, he just cannot sit and do nothing. “I engage in manual labor. I don’t choose jobs and whatever opportunity I get, even if it is a single day job, I do it,” he explains.

Samuel also says that being part of the Moja Tu family has exposed him to love and care that he never really knew existed. That a stranger who is miles away can invest in him and root for him was unheard of in his life. But now he knows better.

“For me, Moja Tu has been the epitome of love. My sponsor has shown me so much love, which has healed many painful past experiences. I am a different person today because someone saw my potential, believed in me, and took me to school,” he explains.

Of course, Samuel can’t tell his story without mentioning his beloved younger brother, the late Franklin. “Franklin was also looking for help to go to school when he found Moja Tu, and he immediately told me about the program as well. So really, it’s thanks to Franklin that I have been able to finish my education,” Samuel explains. “When Franklin was diagnosed with cancer, Moja Tu stood with him and my family and did everything they could to ensure he got treatment. And when he sadly succumbed to the disease, they gave me a shoulder to cry on. They have been with me even after my brother’s passing,” he says.

“I am thankful to have found so many friends in Moja Tu. Through this program, I have also acquired virtues such as kindness and persistence, and knowing that someone somewhere is cheering me on makes me work harder and feel better about life,” he concludes.