Moja Tu

Meet Rosaline

The last born of three girls born of a single mother, Roseline has never known a place to call home since she has to move with her mother to wherever she gets employed as a house help. She has therefore survived through the help of well wishers and her mothers employers and that is how she has been able to stay in school up until this point.

She is now ready to join secondary school in 2017 and is unsure what her future will hold. She knows there is no way her mother can afford to send her to school. All these years she has applied herself, studied hard and received very strong grades, however, she is unsure if that hard work will pay off.

Through education, she wants to be able to help her mother one day get out of poverty. She wants to make something of herself and not follow the footsteps of her mother by becoming a house help.

Roseline is smart and focused, she has a promising future if supported financially to join Secondary school. She will also need support with basic utilities to relieve her of the fear of being without school supplies. She is motivated to get out of poverty and this drive keeps her focused on her studies despite all the problems around her. If supported, the smile on her face will brighten up and that will open doors for her.