Moja Tu

Rachel Mbula-“Moja Tu makes online learning easier for me”

Rachel’s view on Online Classes

Ever since COVID-19 struck, educators worldwide had to rethink and to reimagine how learning would be delivered. In developing countries, Kenya included, this was an uphill task and it thus took some time for many learning institutions to adjust their learning modules. But some of them eventually did giving credence to the saying, “Better late than never.”

One of the main challenges of online learning in Kenya is the availability of laptops, tablets as well as smartphones to enable learners access the online classes. Data is also quite expensive thus locking out a majority of the students.

At Moja Tu, some of our university students had already been equipped with laptops to make learning easier and efficient. It was thus easier for our students to transition to online learning as they already had the basics.

Rachel Mbula, 19, is a first-year student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology where she is undertaking a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. In her case, her learning was temporarily disrupted as her university came to terms with the new normal. She shares her experience with online learning and how Moja Tu has stepped in to make the process seamless.

The online classes have been fun and smooth for me because Moja Tu has provided me with a laptop, which I use during my online classes. The laptop has been very convenient as I am able to attend classes via Zoom. Though we haven’t done any exams yet, I am able to engage with my lecturer through features that have been provided by Zoom.

Besides the laptops, I get upkeep money from Moja Tu which I use part of it to buy data to enable me to access the online classes.

That said, I miss the one-on-one engagement with my lecturers and friends. I can’t wait for COVID-19 to end so that I can be able to attend physical classes and interact with my classmates.”

Lily Ronoh