Moja Tu

Peter’s Purpose

Originally from the Samburu tribe, Peter knows very well how little education is valued in his community, let alone how difficult is to raise the money to send children to school. Therefore, he takes his opportunity for sponsorship to finish his schooling very seriously. Last year, Peter took his education into his own hands by asking to repeat the form 3 grade level. He felt he had not performed as well as he could have, which he knew would not help him do his best on his KCSE and get into a good university. We were very proud to see Peter demonstrate this level of maturity, and granted his request to repeat a grade. Peter is currently in his second term of form 3 at Kagumo Boys High School. He has been making excellent strides to improve his grades, and we are so excited to watch him work hard and realize his own potential.

Peter is also a very talented athlete, competing in long races such as the 10,000-meter race. Since December of 2017, we have been sending Peter and several other gifted Moja Tu students to an athletics training camp. Here, Peter has been networking: he has met several professional athletes and helpful coaches who will be instrumental if he decides to make a living through sports. Peter is looking forward to returning to the camp over the August holiday.

Currently, Peter is reading You Have a Brain, by Dr. Ben Carson. Peter loves reading Dr. Carson’s books — “sometimes, my life has felt empty and void of direction,” he told us. “Now that I’m reading books like this one, I feel like I am headed somewhere. I know I have a purpose, and I make decisions and take actions to fulfill this purpose, not just out of routine.”

Since Peter joined the Moja Tu program two years ago, we have been continually impressed by the growth and maturity he has shown. We know he is not taking this opportunity to finish his schooling for granted. We wish Peter well on his journey through education, and will be here to support him every step of the way!