Moja Tu

Patricia’s Determination!

As Patricia was growing up, access to a quality education was never a guarantee. As one of 9 children, her mother struggled to keep her in school throughout her primary years. Patricia worked hard to prove that she deserved the chance to go to high school, but her dream was almost shattered when she finished primary school. Though she earned an excellent score on her KCPE, her mother had no means to pay for Patricia’s secondary schooling. This would have meant the end of Patricia’s education, and her dream of becoming a lawyer. Luckily, Patricia’s dedication to her schooling and her determination to achieve her goals caught her eye, and she found a place among our students.

Now, Patricia is a form 3 student at the Mary Leakey Girls’ High School, and is looking forward to moving on to university in the next couple of years. We caught up with Patricia over the April holiday to reflect on how much her life has changed in the the last few years:

“My name is Patricia, and I am form 3 student in high school. High school is much different than primary school: there is no one to remind you to do what you have to do, and you have to develop a sense of responsibility in order to take care of all of your work.

During my free time, I love reading novels and poems. I also write and present my own poems in poetry club. I’m also a member of my school’s handball team. I love my high school because it not only gives us the academic information we need, but also encourages us to explore and develop our talents.

Often in our society, girls’ education is not as revered as boys’, since girls are expected to get married young and take care of the home and the children. I didn’t want this kind of life for myself – I wanted to get a good education and have the power to make my own choices. As a lawyer, I hope to advocate for the rights of the oppressed so everyone in my country can have the same power. Looking ahead, I see all my dreams and aspirations in reach because with Moja Tu, I have all the support and care that I need to help me achieve my goals.

Without Moja Tu, I cannot imagine how my life might be. I have my future secured through education. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Moja Tu family for supporting me in my academic journey so far. I cannot forget the tremendous contribution that my sponsor Margaret has made in my life. She has always encouraged me to keep working hard in my studies. The letters she writes to me always keep me motivated.”

You can do it, Patricia! Never stop believing in yourself!