Moja Tu

One Dedicated Volunteer

Beth Oaks is a volunteer that came to Tania Center for six weeks this Summer. We had the privilege to meet her and work with her during our stay there this July. Here are a few words that Beth shared about the Moja Tu visit on her blog….

“This has been a long, exciting week here at the Tania Centre! We received a group of volunteers from the Austin-based non-profit Moja Tu from Sunday to Thursday. This wonderful team has been raising funds for the past year for the Tania Centre, and, this week, they bought each student a new uniform, a new pair of shoes, and a backpack with some school supplies. I have been praying for these things for a year, and to see God answer those prayers in such a big way still overwhelms me.

Moja Tu has been working on finding sponsors for the students here since they launched their non-profit a year ago, and they currently have about 40 of the students sponsored. They took pictures and gathered information this week while they were here to continue finding sponsors for the remaining students. Keep checking their website for updates if you’re interested in sponsoring any of these beautiful children!

Moja Tu also provided some fun activities to give the kids a break before our push into the end of the term. Wednesday was a day filled with kite flying, ball throwing, jumping rope, and bouncing in a bouncy castle. The children were beat by the end of the day, in the best way. It warmed my heart to see their smiles.

I will continue to pray for the Moja Tu team as they finish up their visit to Kenya and travel back to Austin, and I hope God continues to bless their work here at the Tania Centre. I can’t wait to see what other good Moja Tu will do here!

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.” –Matthew 10:42″

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