Moja Tu

Meet Noel

Noel is a very stylish grade four student who has shown interest in fashion and modeling.  Outgoing and jovial, he loves playing football and has revived his dream of continuing his education, after surviving trauma that nearly put his dreams on hold.

Having endured sexual abuse at a young age, Noel has shown tremendous growth, both physically and academically. Moja Tu met him at a time when he needed correctional surgery and was unable to attend school. He is given constant guidance to help him understand that he is now safe from his past. After returning to school, Noel improved his grades greatly and is now a very academically strong student.

It used to be very difficult to capture a picture of Noel’s smile. Now, he loves to smile and pose for photos, and he likes to read and edit the captions for his photos according to his tastes. He is a very happy child, and we hope his time with Moja Tu has helped him move past his earlier days.

Noel has a promising future and the chance to explore all of his potential. We wish him all the best!