Moja Tu

Celebrating Our Graduates

The future is never certain. Navigating the many obstacles that life can throw your way in pursuit of your goals can be quite scary and seem near impossible without the right tools to help you along. Moja Tu hopes to arm our students with quality educations to help them on their journeys and make the path ahead a little smoother. Recently, two of our outstanding university students reached the finish lines of their academic journeys, and made history in the process!

Esther and Edwin both graduated from Kenyatta University in 2019, fulfilling their educational goals and bringing their time as Moja Tu students to a close. They have a lot in common aside from graduating from the same university; both students grew up at Sons of Manaseh, one of our partner children’s homes. Both students also demonstrated their commitment to their educations throughout their time in our program, and truly embody our core values. Both students also made Moja Tu history: Edwin is the first person in his family to graduate from university, and Esther is the first female Moja Tu student to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. For these reasons, they were both asked to continue working with Moja Tu as team leads, roles which they enthusiastically agreed to. As team leads, Esther and Edwin develop the marketing items you see every day from Moja Tu, as well as coordinate with the other students to ensure that everyone is where they are supposed to be and have all they need. Our program couldn’t function without these students!

Aside from working with Moja Tu, both Edwin and Esther are building their careers in their respective industries. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, Esther works as an intern in with the Kenyan government, a job she earned before graduating from Kenyatta. Though she is currently posted in the Children’s Office, Esther will have the chance to work in many different offices and ministries across the government. Recently, Esther sat down and reflected with us on where she started:

“I still remember how it all started. I was in my final year in high school and was sitting with the other Moja Tu students at my children’s home, listening to several speakers talking about their careers. The one speaker who made the biggest impression on me was an accountant. As she spoke about her background, her life’s journey, and her current career, I found myself relating to everything she was saying. At that moment, I knew deep in my heart I wanted to be an accountant.

The next year I joined Kenyatta University as a Moja Tu student; four years later, I am now exactly where I had hoped to be. With the help of my loving sponsor Teri and support from the entire Moja Tu family, I have been able to earn my degree in accounting. And with a professional certificate as a CPA on top of it all, Moja Tu has fully equipped me with the tools I need to begin my career. Moja Tu lit a fire in me and stayed with me during my entire journey to ensure I reached my goals.”

Like Esther, Edwin has come a long way from a student at Sons of Manaseh Children’s Home. In July 2019, Edwin graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics from Kenyatta University. Since joining our program in 2015, Edwin has grown into a responsible young man, serving as an incredible example to the younger students in our program. We also caught up with Edwin to reflect on his time in Moja Tu:

“2015 was a roller coaster of a year for me. I had dropped out of university with no way to pay for the tuition fees associated with going to school. My future was uncertain, and I wasn’t sure what my life was going to look like. However, later that same year, I met the Moja Tu team and applied for a sponsorship. I vividly remember the day that I was told I would be sponsored through my university education. Getting this news rekindled all my dreams, goals and aspirations. Just a few months later, I was admitted to Kenyatta University to pursue a degree in Economics and Statistics.

University education is not easy. There are many challenges that come with adulthood. However, Moja Tu stayed with me the entire time, guiding me and ensuring I had all the resources I need to keep pushing forward. Thanks to Moja Tu’s help, my dream of graduating from university came true in July of 2019!

However, the work didn’t stop there. I had graduated university – what next? My sponsors in Moja Tu helped me through the process of applying for jobs as well. With their help, I secured a position at a marketing company in Nairobi, Interactive Communications. Here, I interned as a data analyst for three months, and learned a lot about how one should conduct oneself in a professional environment. At the end of 2019, I was offered a job at Housing Finance Bank, and I can now proudly say that I am banker. I am excited about this new opportunity and I will always do my best in my work. Looking ahead five years from now, I am looking forward to be a financial consultant offering solutions to my community.”

These two bright young students are aware of how much they are looked up to by our younger students, and work hard to be good role models to those who come after them. “Right now,” Esther said, “I am a model to many, and a symbol that education can truly change a person’s life. I came from nothing, to achieving so much. However, this was only because somebody saw the potential and drive in me and believed I could do it.  I am living proof of the great work Moja Tu is doing in Kenya.”

Edwin agreed with Esther. “Without Moja Tu’s help, I do not know what my life would be like. Moja Tu believed in me even when I did not believe much in myself. This organization is changing the lives of young men and women through education. You have really helped me change the course of my life. Thank you.”

Congratulations to Edwin and Esther, Moja Tu Firsts!