Moja Tu

Meet Yvonne

Yvonne already has big dreams for her future career. She aspires to be a nutritionist, saying she wants to help people fight disease and combat nutritional deficiencies in the people of her community. Growing up in Laikipia, one of the poorest regions of the country, Yvonne has seen the devastating effects of poor nutrition first hand. She hopes by earning an education in this field, she will be able give back to her community and empower her people to fight against nutritional deficiencies.

Yvonne understands that to be a nutritionist, she will need to attend a good university and earn a Bachelor’s degree in this field. She has already planned far in advance to continue her education all the way to the university level, but first, she needs someone to help her join secondary school at the beginning of 2020. Both her parents are day laborers, and there are several children in Yvonne’s family to feed. Yvonne knows that it will take a miracle for her to attend secondary school…or the help of a sponsor through Moja Tu.

With the prospect of a sponsorship in mind, Yvonne has worked extra hard in her classes this year. At the end of term 1, she earned a total of 335 out of 500 points, putting her average at a B and making her the second-highest scoring student in her class. Yvonne’s performance was so impressive, she was recently elected class prefect by her classmates. They all look up to Yvonne’s excellent example.

Yvonne is a confident leader and a good student, and she definitely has a clear vision for her future and a defined goal she is working towards. Help Yvonne get there by sponsoring her education today!

Sponsoring Yvonne’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!