Moja Tu

Meet Wilkister

Wilkister resides at Sons of Manaseh Children’s Home with her younger sister. They were brought to the home after their parents separated and her mother became overwhelmed at the prospect of raising her children alone. At Manase, Wilkister and her sister found not only shelter, but also a loving home and nurturing family. They quickly found their places amongst the children who already called Sons of Manaseh Home. Since then, Wilkister has blossomed into a confident young woman. She helps look after the younger children at the home and is also very helpful with house chores. Wilkister and her sister often visit their mother during school breaks.

At school, Wilkister is a model student who is loved by both her teachers and fellow students. She is smart, confident and hard working. At the end of term 1, she scored 353 marks out of a possible 500, putting her average at a high B+. For extracurricular activities, Wilkister enjoys being in nature with her school’s Scouts club, and she is passionate about environmental conservation. She also devotes time to helping elderly neighbors in their community with housework.

Wilkister, who is expected to join secondary school early next year, has a big heart. Everyone we asked about her spoke of her fondly and gave her high praise. Help nurture this kind young girl’s dreams of becoming an engineer by sponsoring her today!

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