Moja Tu

Meet Whitney Rose!

Whitney Rose is a star student in every sense of the word. She is hard-working, disciplined, respectful and confident. She is also very, very smart. In a nutshell, Whitney is every teacher’s dream student.

Whitney’s mother is a cook at her primary school and the little she gets goes into paying school fees for Whitney’s younger siblings. They live in a small house on the school grounds, which thankfully cuts rent expenditures from the family’s budget. However, this does little to relieve the impoverished situation the family finds itself in.

Though the situation at home is desperate, Whitney has not allowed herself to give in to despair. At the end of term one exams, she amazed everyone by scoring an outstanding 469 marks out of 500. This is the highest score a class 8 student applying for Moja Tu has ever made. Unbelievable, right? Whitney always works hard in order to strive for her dream of providing a better life for her family. Her determination and obvious intelligence have made her a role model to her fellow students and siblings. Beyond academics, Whitney enjoys taking part her in school’s drama club, and can often be found leading her friends in a social studies study group.

Whitney is a stellar student and a born leader, to say the least. She has the confidence and charisma to make friends with anyone she meets. However, her impressive performance will be for nothing if she is not able to continue on to secondary school at the beginning of next year. Don’t let all of Whitney’s obvious potential go to waste – sponsor her today!

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