Moja Tu

Meet Teresia

Teresia comes from a single-parent home. The high cost of living in the country has made it difficult even for two-parent families to meet their daily needs. The situation is dire in single parent homes where one parent is the sole breadwinner. This is the situation that Teresia, her mother, and her three younger siblings found themselves in. The family of five lives in a single-room house in Naivasha. At night, while the small kids share a bed with their mother, Teresia and her sister sleep on a mattress spread out on the floor.

Despite their situation, the family is very welcoming and was excited to see our team when we came to visit their home. Teresia took it upon herself to lead the team around her home and the neighborhood. As the oldest of her siblings, it is clear that Teresia is a natural leader.

Besides being a leader, Teresia is also an excellent student. She scored 341 marks at the end of term 1, placing her as the third-highest performing student in the class. Though a bit shy, her obvious intelligence and determination cannot help but manifest when she speaks about her dream of becoming a neurosurgeon.