Moja Tu

Meet Susan: Emerging Victorious!

Susan comes from a humble family in the rural Tawa area of Makueni County. She is an outstanding student who, despite the many challenges she faced in finishing her high school education, recently graduated with an excellent grade on her KCSE exams.  It’s always a victory when we see our students transition from one academic level to another, and watching Susan secure a spot at a university later this year with her excellent results was nothing short of a joy!

Here’s what Susan has to say about her amazing journey with Moja Tu so far:

“I have made it this far in my education because of the support that I have received at Moja Tu. When I look back on what life was like before I was sponsored, I almost shed a tear. I could hardly stay in school because I was always sent home due to outstanding school fees. Since joining Moja Tu, I have not only received financial support but also mentorship and exposure to new opportunities. All this keeps me motivated and focused on my goals.

It has always been my desire to improve the quality of my life and my community. Getting an education will empower me to become a strong independent woman in my society. I would like to join Kenyatta University and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

Moja Tu has done a great job of paying my school fees and believing in me. I have learned that there is a whole world of possibilities out there, and now I can dare to dream big and work towards my goals. Hard work and consistency have always kept me going and I never take my eyes off the prize: finishing university. My gratitude goes to my sponsors Amy and Mike for walking with me through my academic journey. I promise to keep working hard to turn all my dreams into a reality. God bless Moja Tu for the great work that you are doing in my life. Thank you.”