Moja Tu

Meet Simon

Simon is a natural born leader. Within the first week of attending a new school, his confidence and charm won over his classmates and teachers, and he was quickly elected class prefect. Not only has he built a good rapport with his teachers – his fellow students also find him easy to talk to and skilled at conveying their concerns to the school administration with ease.

But beneath this confident and cool exterior lies a boy who has been through things no child his age should have to experience. Simon was born to parents who brewed illicit alcohol. He was never the priority in his parent’s life, and when he was old enough to recognize how little they cared for him, he fled to a neighbor’s house to seek solace. The neighbor allowed Simon to stay, but only on the condition that he do extra chores around the house to justify his presence. During this time, Simon dropped out of school for a year, but was easily able to resume where he left off thanks to his brilliant mind. In fact, Simon placed 4thout of his entire class at the end of term 1 earlier this year.

Simon’s life so far has been a carousel of mistreatment, and it seemed that no matter where he turned, there was no way out. That’s when he found Moja Tu.

Since meeting Simon, we have relocated him to Dream Children’s Home. Here, Simon can grow up in a loving, nurturing environment and have all his needs taken care of, for a change.