Moja Tu

Meet Sheryl

Sheryl was born in the slums of Nairobi, where she lives with her single mother in a one-room, mud-walled house. She is an only child, but the financial pressure on her small family still weighs heavily on them.

Living in the slums is certainly not a walk in the park. Crime, drugs, and early pregnancies are just a few of the prevailing problems associated with the area. Sheryl has seen many of her neighbors and friends fall victim to these issues, but she has stood strong in the face of adversity and kept her focus on the one thing that she knows will help improve her life: getting her education.

Sheryl is a great student. At the end of term 1, she earned 340 out of 500 marks, putting her score at a solid B+ average. This impressive performance caught the eye of a nearby private primary school, which took Sheryl in to help raise its overall grades. However, Sheryl is now in class 8 and expected to take her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams at the end of the year, which will mark the end of her time in primary school. The primary school’s support can only extend so far, and Sheryl knows that there is no way her mother will be able to foot the bill necessary to attend secondary school.

Not only has Sheryl proven that she is tougher than the tough environment she was raised in, but she has also shown that she is a self-confident young woman who has not given up on herself. Sheryl needs a sponsor to help her maintain her strong sense of self, and to continue her studies uninterrupted. Help Sheryl stand strong in the face of adversity by sponsoring her today!

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