Moja Tu

Meet Sarah

Sarah, a class 8 pupil at Kieleeleni Primary School in Tawa, comes from a big family. While her family is full of love, they also have their challenges, especially when it comes to money. Though they own a plot of land that in theory should provide them with what they need to get by, the area they live in is often very dry, with little relief in the form of rain. The family’s income has dried up with their land.

Sarah, who is a hardworking student, aspires to be a teacher. To prepare herself to lead a class, Sarah is already working in leadership positions in her school and community. She is the class monitor, and also acts as a cadet leader and Sunday school teacher in her church. In her spare time, Sarah joins her peers in keeping their environment clean by collecting garbage. She also visits the sick, giving them hope and praying for them.

Having grown up in poverty, Sarah views education as the vehicle through which to better not just her life, but also her family and community members’ lives as well. Sarah will be able to do all this and more if she can complete her education and fulfill her goal of becoming a lawyer. Thank you for giving Sarah hope!

Sponsoring Sarah's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!