Moja Tu

Meet Samuel: University, Here I Come!

When the new school year started in January 2020, Samuel was looking forward to a fulfilling year. This was his final year in high school, and he had so many reasons to be excited. He was ready to close this chapter in his life and begin a new one in university. The culmination of his high school days was the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), a major exam that he had spent all 4 years of high school preparing for and that he was scheduled to take in November 2020. This exam was crucial, as it would determine his future trajectory.

“I had decided early on in life to pursue a career in medicine. This aspiration has been my guiding light from the get-go. It is the reason I give my studies my all,” he explains.

Samuel in his first year of high school

Samuel’s past academic performance is proof of his brilliance and dedication. As a young boy, he was often sent home from class due to outstanding school fees. However, Samuel buckled down and worked hard, and his determination eventually earned him a scholarship that lasted him the rest of his primary school career. On his primary exit examinations, Samuel scored a perfect A average, securing himself a seat at one of the leading high schools in the country. Though this was an incredible achievement, Samuel knew that his sponsorship had run out, and had no idea how his single mother would be able to pay for his secondary school fees. The worst outcome eventually came to pass: after a month in high school, his mother was unable to raise the money to meet his school fees, and Samuel was sent back home, devastated.

Fortunately, a well-wisher took note of Samuel’s situation and brought his case to Moja Tu’s attention. “When Moja Tu learned of my situation, they immediately took me into the program and connected me with a sponsor. Thanks to their help, I was able to finish high school with no glitches along the way” he says.

Samuel loves studying and his determination to succeed in life is his main driving force. He looked forward to taking the KCPE in late 2020, but like the rest of the country, his plans were waylaid by the COVID-19 pandemic. Though this was a setback, Samuel didn’t despair. He used the nine-month school closure to thoroughly prepare himself for the exams, making great use of the online classes and revision books he was given by Moja Tu. When he and the other form 4 students returned to the classroom in January 2021, he knew he was ready.

Samuel, a brilliant and dedicated student, eventually sat for the secondary exit exams in March this year. The results came out recently and you guessed it right; Samuel passed with flying colors. He scored an A grade.

“Exams are never meant to be easy and the KCSE did prove to be a tad difficult. Nevertheless, I gave it my best shot and I am happy it paid off,” he tells us ecstatically.

Samuel says he is indebted to his mother, Moja Tu, his sponsors, and everyone who ensured he had a smooth learning experience throughout his high school years. He is looking forward to the next stage of his life: earning a degree at a good university in the medical field.

“I have a passion for serving others and working in the medical field will give me the perfect opportunity to do just that. Moja Tu has taught me the value of paying it forward,” he concludes.

Lily Ronoh