Moja Tu

Meet Samuel

In rural Kenya, it is common practice that when parents separate, the mother takes the children with her back to her parent’s house. Samuel found himself in this situation, and he grew up under his grandmother’s roof in a remote village. Samuel was always curious about the world beyond his home; he always came out on top of his class throughout his primary school years, clearly indicating his thirst for knowledge and success. Sending Samuel to secondary school proved to be a herculean task for his mother and grandmother. His mother worked a number of odd jobs in nearby towns, splitting whatever she made between sustaining herself and sending a little money back in the village to support her own mother and her children.

In spite of these challenges, Samuel continued working hard in school because he knew education was his only way out of the poverty that afflicted his family. The thought of dropping out of school and losing his only chance to escape poverty terrified him; to ensure this did not happen, Samuel went to the nearby authorities to see if they could help him continue his schooling. They referred him to Moja Tu, and the rest is history.

Samuel has continued to impress us with his dedication to his studies and his ambition since joining our program. He has been unwavering in his goal to work in the medical field. Samuel recently graduated from secondary school with a B average on his KCSE, an excellent grade which guaranteed him a spot at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Radiology. He is now one step closer to achieving his goals, and we couldn’t be prouder. Thank you for sponsoring Just One.

Kathy Kempff