Moja Tu

Meet Samuel

Samuel has come a long way in his time with Moja Tu. When we first met him as a form 2 student in 2015, he had no hope of moving forward with his education without outside help. Luckily, a kind sponsor helped Samuel graduate high school, and he has now moved on to the next step of his academic journey — college!

Samuel is now starting his second year of school at Zetech University, where he is earning a diploma in hospitality and tourism management. He calls this step the “beginning of my success story,” and is very grateful for all the help he has been given to get to this point. In his spare time, Samuel loves singing and listening to music — he even leads the kids at Dream Children’s Home in praise and worship whenever he comes to visit.

Samuel has come so far, but he still has a ways to go yet. Your sponsorship of Samuel will help him ensure that he is living up to his full potential and building the best future he can for himself. Thank you for your generosity!

Samuel will be finishing his university classes next April. Supporting his college education till then will cost $85/month. Help this bright young man finish his education by sponsoring him today!