Moja Tu

Meet Ruffi

Ruffi joined the Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf in September 2017. It is now seven months since then. The institution is the leading institution offering special care and education to the hearing impaired in Kenya and the East African region at large. One of the merits of the school is that besides having facilities to support the hearing impaired, like Ruffi, they also enroll of hearing students in their course programs. It means that for the last seven months Ruffi has had the opportunity to interact with both of hearing and hearing-impaired students. It is a social development stage we aimed at attaining. The rationale for this is that upon the completion of her two and a half years catering course, she will be joining a mixed job market. Consequently, the development of these skills is a fundamental requirement for her success.

In one of our visits at her school to track her academic progress as well as having a counseling session with her. After the official formality of introductions, Ruffi was overjoyed to see us. She welcomed us to her school including taking us on a school tour of the classes, the administration block, and even her dorm room. She is very proud and happy of her school. Secondly, she was quick to share with us some of her success stories in school. They included her making new friends and learning to bake cakes effectively.

A formal session with the school management, in particular, the dean of students, pointed out the picture of a well behaved and performing student.

Ruffi completed her studies and the institute and is currently in the job market.

Lily Ronoh