Moja Tu

Meet Rebecca

Born to a family of peasant farmers, Rebecca is the second child in a family if six kids. She has seen her older brother miss a whole term due to lack of school fees, and Rebecca herself has been employed as a day laborer on nearby farms more times than she can count.

Her determination to do well in school secured her an excellent academic standing, and she was accepted into a very good secondary school. Sadly, her father died immediately after her exam results were released, and her mother has been bedridden with complications due to HIV. She has been seeking help in paying for school from anyone who cares to listen, but she has not had much luck.

Rebecca has been stuck at home watching her mother’s condition worsen. She has been struggling to provide for her younger siblings and pursue her own goals as well. The encouragement of her aging grandmother was the only source of hope she had. Now that she is sponsored, she’s looking forward to a brighter future!