Moja Tu

Meet Purity

Excited to be going back to school

Purity Wairimu is a form two student at the prestigious Tumutumu Girls’ High School. Like everyone else, the COVID-19 pandemic dealt her a huge blow but she chose to bend with the wind, so to speak, and not break.

A lot has changed. Keeping a social distance, washing hands, and wearing a face mask has become the new anthem. Regardless, we are hopeful for better days ahead,” she says.

They say experience is the best teacher and the pandemic has come with its fair share of lessons for Purity. “I have acquired virtues such as responsibility and learned the art of socialization. When quarantined for months, you have no option but to learn how to live with everybody. In the past, I used to seclude myself because I was shy. Being able to socialize has been my greatest accomplishment throughout this period,” she reveals.

Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Schools reopened in Kenya on January 4th after more than half a year of closure to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. When we caught up with Purity, she was excited about the prospect of going back to school.

I have lost a whole academic year. Even then, I am grateful to be alive and well. I miss my friends and teachers and the continuation of face-to-face learning which I consider simpler,” she says.

It is not lost on Purity that schools reopening does not mean that the virus is gone. If anything, the rising numbers of positive cases make her alive to the fact that the virus is very much around and hangs over us like the dark cloud that it is. This means she must take precautions whilst in school to protect herself and her fellow students.

I am sure the school has laid down protocols to be followed such as social distancing, wearing of masks, and washing of hands. I intend to follow these to the letter and abide by every instruction. It is for our good,” she shares.

She also knows that Moja Tu will go out of its way to ensure the safety of the students in the program and this gives her some peace of mind.

“I have utmost faith in the organization as, during this time, Moja Tu has been kind enough to provide foodstuffs and other necessities such as masks and sanitizers. These came in handy in the thick of things and it was a sweet reminder that there were people thinking of us,” she reveals.

Purity understands the best way to give back to the organization, and something that she owes to herself and those that look up to her is to do well in school. To this end, she reaffirms her commitment to her studies.

“I will go the extra mile in my studies and let my results speak for themselves. I want to be proud of my work and to also make my sponsor proud of me. Opportunities like this come once a lifetime and I am always grateful and humbled to be part of the amazing Moja Tu family,” she concludes.

Lily Ronoh