Moja Tu

Meet Peter

Peter had always aspired to become an engineer. Unbeknown to him, he was already making the path towards this career line a reality by choosing the right subjects in Secondary school and making good grades. He never had any idea what Engineering options are available or exactly what engineers did but growing up he knew they made a lot of money. This was his drive to keep working hard in the rural Day Secondary school that he was attending.
His single mom could barely raise the amount needed in this school and she had to take casual labour at the school working at least two days a week in the school garden to ensure Peter stayed in school. At some point Peter was very embarrassed that he asked his mom to stop working the school garden and instead they would both go work in other people’s land to raise enough to keep him in school. They did exactly that and Peter made sure he makes up for lost school days by asking his classmates for their school notes and studying very hard under the kerosene lantern late into the night.
He made an excellent B grade in an year that Secondary school grades were highly regulated and this saw him invited to pursue a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering at Kisii University, one of the public Universities in the country. It is at this time that Peter was hit by reality that he had no way of joining the University despite having come this far.
However, his application for a consideration into Moja Tu program came through at this time. Just when he was about to give up. At some point, he broke down when he was told chances were very limited and competition was very high for the few available chances. His single mother had already been stigmatised by the community and nobody was willing to help her out.
He joined Kisii University in September to pursue a degree in Software Engineering. This marks the beginning of his career journey. He is a hardworking and determined young man. We wish him all the best and we will walk with him to see his story change as purposes to help other needy students in the future.

Lily Ronoh