Moja Tu

Meet Peter: Finding a father figure through Moja Tu

Peter is a final-year student at Kisii University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in software engineering. He always aspired to be an engineer, and we are proud to report that he is currently on his way to becoming one.

Peter grew up without a father, and his mother raised him singlehandedly. They struggled to make ends meet throughout Peter’s entire school career. Even though he went to a day school, which was way cheaper than a boarding school, he was constantly sent home due to outstanding school fees. He would spend days, sometimes weeks, out of school as his mother tried to gather just enough money to send him back to the classroom. Eventually, his mother took up menial jobs on his school grounds, working at least two days a week in the school garden to ensure Peter stayed in school.

Even with this new arrangement, Peter’s mother still was unable to raise the amount needed for his school fees, and he had to join her in working on other people’s farms. Through sheer determination, Peter completed his secondary schooling and scored an impressive grade that granted him a spot at university. Still, he needed funds to help him pay his college fees and upkeep, and his mother was not in a position to support him.

“I had almost given up on joining university. I wished I had a father, or someone who could have joined hands with my mum to meet the cost of my education. But, just then, I heard about Moja Tu and decided to try my luck. Fortunately, I was granted a scholarship, and here I am now, earnestly pursuing my studies and on the cusp of graduating,” he says excitedly.

Peter’s sponsor, Michael, has been a considerable part of his life. Michael has not only provided him with an education, but has become the father figure to Peter always hoped for. “I look up to Michael as my father because he listens, encourages me, and has my best interests at heart,” he says.

With Michael’s support, Peter has flourished throughout his time in Moja Tu. Peter says Michael has guided, mentored, and instilled essential values in him, such as being confident in himself and kind to others. Peter has grown to be an ambitious, hardworking, determined, and responsible man. “My relationship with my father, Michael, has always been outstanding, and I am lucky to have him in my life. He is my best friend, and he makes me feel loved,” he asserts.

“Michael is the strongest man I know. His strength has helped me gain the confidence to face any challenge that may come my way. I am proud to have him as a father figure. He has always been there for the Moja Tu family and our community. Thank you, Michael, for being an amazing dad to all of us at Moja Tu. Thank you for providing me with an education that will change my life and help me eradicate poverty in my family and community.”

Joy Katanu