Moja Tu

Meet Peter – Co-Sponsorship

Peter’s parents struggled to raise enough to feed their children and provide for their basic needs. Neither his mother or father were able to complete their educations, so they are unable to find any long-term employment and rely on growing subsistence crops for the family to get by. These circumstances left them at a loss when their son, Peter, turned out an exemplary performance on his KCPE exams. This meant that Peter was all but assured to continue on to a good high school; the only thing stopping him from doing so was finding the money to fund his schooling.

Luckily, Moja Tu stepped in at this time to help Peter. As a Moja Tu student, Peter flourished throughout his high school career, and performed incredibly well on his KCSE exams, which marked the end of his high school years at the end of 2019. Now, Peter is looking forward to joining university, a feat he never thought he would accomplish as a primary school student. He hopes to continue to study agriculture at the university level and open his own ranch in the future. Peter has big dreams for his future, and he is closer to accomplishing his goals than ever before. Can you help Peter through this final hurdle? Sponsor him today!

Sponsoring Peter’s university education is $1,050/year, or $88/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!