Moja Tu

Meet Peter!

While we were visiting our students’ homes in Laikipia, a young boy approached us. His name was Peter, and though he had not filled out a formal application, he marched right up to us and asked if we would help him go to school. We liked his spirit and initiative, and gave him the chance to present his case to us.

Peter, who currently attends Naromoru Primary School, scored 340 marksout of 500 in the most recent term at school. This put him in the top ten students of his class – an impressive feat, to be sure! He lives with his family in a single-room rental house. Peter is expected to join high school next year, but his mother has no way of raising the amount needed to pay for his schooling. She is a day laborer in an already impoverished neighborhood in which jobs are hard to come by. In order to supplement his mother’s meager income, Peter raises rabbits and sells them when they come of age. There is no electricity in Peter’s neighborhood, and therefore he must complete his homework at school before making the long walk home.

Peter understands that with three children to look after, it is very unlikely that his mother will be able to pay his school fees. He hopes to find a sponsor to help him continue his studies uninterrupted. Peter is clearly confident and determined – these traits, combined with his willingness to take the initiative, will surely help him succeed in high school. Help this bright young man continue to pursue his education by sponsoring him today!

Sponsoring Peter’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!