Moja Tu

Meet Peris

As a class 8 student, Peris will be sitting for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education later this year with the hope that she will proceed to high school for her secondary education. Her parents, who are casual laborers, struggle to make ends meet for Peris and her two sisters. It’s going to be even harder on them when Peris joins high school, due to the higher school fees associated with secondary education. However, Peris hangs on to hope – she has to, or else she risks doing poorly on the exam and not being able to proceed to high school at all.

As a youth leader in her local church, Peris is an inspiration to many of her peers, who look up to her for guidance and leadership. She also serves in the praise and worship team in her church. It is here that Peris’s desire to be a children’s officer was sewn and nurtured. She says she adores children and it breaks her heart when they are mistreated. As a children’s officer, Peris states that the children under her jurisdiction will never be mistreated. She is clearly passionate about her goal to ensure that children are treated fairly, and we hope to keep this fire burning by supporting the next step in her education.

As a sponsor, you can help Peris achieve her goal of becoming a children’s officer by providing her with the money she needs to pay her school fees. She will also receive textbooks, extra study materials, and other supplies required to live in the high school dorms. Peris will also benefit from knowing that she has someone who believes in her and wants to help her succeed. Sponsor Peris today!

Sponsoring Peris's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!