Moja Tu

Meet Penina

After being divorced, Penina’s mother went to live with her parents. Her mother did her best to care for her children, but was unable to keep up with the financial responsibility of raising them. As a result, she placed her two daughters under the care of Dream Children’s Home so that they could have access to basic needs and the opportunity to get an education.

Penina is a very friendly, talkative girl. At seven years old, she is already very responsible, knowing that she has to take care of her younger sister. In the first term of 2017, she made impressive grades that put her at the top of her class. She loves singing and she is not weighed down by the absence of her parents in her life. She stands strong and is genuinely happy. She is an absolute joy to be around.

She needs help to continue attending school and to have necessities such as a uniform, shoes, and personal utilities. She also needs moral support: someone to encourage her throughout her schooling and remind her that she is loved. Help Penina finish her education by becoming her sponsor today!