Moja Tu

Meet Pauline!

Whenever Pauline watches the news, she cannot help but imagine herself as the news anchor. She has harbored this dream for a long time and is on the right track to make it come true. Pauline is a solid student at her primary school and is ready to spread her wings and move on to the next stage in her academic journey: high school.

Pauline hopes to join a boarding school when she enrolls in high school next year. She currently lives in a single room rental house with her parents and siblings, which is hardly big enough for all of them. Pauline says she knows that going to live at a boarding school will give her the room she needs to grow and focus on her studies. She is very excited to be moving up, but she knows that her parents, who work as day laborers on the flower farms of Naivasha, will never be able to meet the cost of a boarding school.

Pauline is independent and knows what she wants for herself. We believe that with the right sponsor to support her financially and encourage her growth, you will soon see her on the small screen as an accomplished news anchor. Help Pauline reach her dreams by sponsoring her today!

Sponsoring Pauline’s education is $85/month. Thank you for supporting Just One!