Moja Tu

Meet Patrick Wasike

You have probably come across beautiful videos on Moja Tu’s social media platforms. Patrick Wasike is the brain behind these videos. Besides conceptualizing the video shoots and taking the videos, he also edits them. Wasike, whose area of specialization is in public health, is a self-taught videographer and photographer. We caught up with him as he reminisced about his time with Moja Tu.

A few years back, my dad, who was our family’s breadwinner, was involved in a bad car accident that left him disabled. The accident caught all of us off guard and within seconds, my mum became the breadwinner. We were eight children and the burden was too heavy for her to bear especially when you consider that she also had to look after my father.

So, she did what she felt was best for us and more so me for she took me to a children’s home – Tania Children’s Home. Here, I got to continue with my studies up until form four. I had no hope of proceeding with tertiary education. That was until I met the Moja Tu team led by Kathy.

I approached her with a request to sponsor my university education and she obliged. I enrolled for a degree in procurement and the organization held my hand through thick and thin.

I aspired to complete my education, build a career, and be able to lift my family out of poverty. I am happy to report that I am now able to send money to my mother, which she uses to pay some bills. This is my greatest achievement so far and it gives me much joy. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the help of Moja Tu.

Besides education, I have experienced immense personal growth in virtually all aspects of my life. I got to cultivate the following skills; leadership, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, and interpersonal skills. I also developed self-awareness and empathy.

While I was still in the program, I received mentorship that guided me through life. And when I was ready to join the job market, I was taken through mock job interviews that prepared me for the task ahead.

I currently work in the procurement department at a soap distribution company. I am also a team lead with Moja Tu and I work in the marketing communications department. The values I obtained at Moja Tu serve as my guiding light to date.”


Lily Ronoh