Moja Tu

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas is the son of Mzee Mugo, who is the subject of our blog post The Poor Donor. He graduated from primary school in 2016 and joined the nearby day school for his secondary education. We were referred to him by his village’s elder and spiritual leader. When we visited Kenya earlier this year, he had already been sent home for term 1 due to unpaid school fees, and it seemed unlikely that he would be able to return for term 2. It was only through the quick intervention of the Moja Tu President that he was able to rejoin school for the two remaining terms of 2017.

Nicholas is committed to his schooling, and has maintained and impressive B- average in his studies. He is also a member of his school’s Debate club, in which he currently serves as deputy president. He aspires to pursue a career in community service, following his father’s example in serving his community.

Nicholas’ father is known as “the poor donor” in their community, since, though he is limited financially, he is extremely giving. Mzee Mugo often hosts fundraisers and functions at his church to improve his community, selflessly sacrificing his own time to give to others. He is the father to 10 kids, with Nicholas being the 6th born child. They were an average family, doing okay financially, until his 4th born son was involved in a motorbike accident and was hospitalized. To pay off the hospital bills, Mzee Mugo used the family’s land title deed as security and channels every bit of his earnings to pay the bill, which stood at a little over 150,000 kshs during our last visit. This debt has limited his financial capability to educate his children. If no financial support is found, Nicholas will have to drop out of school. Don’t let that happen; sponsor Nicholas’ education today.