Moja Tu

Meet Ndeto

With his bright smile and sunny personality, Ndeto is well known in the Moja Tu program. Not only is he one of the first students to join the program, but his growth and development over the years reflect the growth of the program. Ndeto joined Moja Tu in 2013 after a well-wisher recounted his situation to the Moja Tu team, when he was in class 1. Ndeto’s dad passed away when he was very young, and he and his sister (who is also a member of our program) were left in the care of their mother, who was struggling with debilitating mental health issues.

“We really suffered. There were days we went without food. We used to be sent home regularly from school because of outstanding school fees. Eventually, my sister and I were taken to a rehabilitation center by a concerned neighbor,” Ndeto reveals. Here, they were at least assured of a roof over their heads, food and education. Though Ndeto and his sister were grateful for the stable home, they knew they had more potential and needed help to reach it.

A young Ndeto

“Luckily, Moja Tu was recruiting students for the program at that time, and we were fortunate enough to meet with them and join the program. We were brought to Dream Children’s Home and life as we knew it took a turn for the better. We have been very well taken care of and everybody from mum and dad, the social workers, staff and children showed us so much love,” he says.

In this new home, Ndeto has thrived physically, mentally, and emotionally. The home and attached school have given him plenty of opportunities to study, which he takes great advantage of. He wakes up early in the morning before anyone else and buries his head in books. He is also always the last to leave the classroom. His teachers no peace as he pesters them with questions long after class ended.

A gleeful Ndeto receiving his new shoes

His hard work paid off when he sat for the primary exit exams earlier this year and passed. He scored a solid B.

“Though I found the exams quite challenging, I trusted God for good grades. I also prepared well and I knew I wouldn’t fail,” he admits, adding that the results have given him renewed energy to keep working toward his goals. He says he will carry this attitude as he transitions into high school, where he hopes to perform well enough to secure a spot at a good university.

“I want to be an engineer and a pastor. I have seen countless other examples of Moja Tu students making it to university after working hard in high school, and I want to be counted among them. Hard work pays off and I will put in the work to ensure I accomplish my dreams,” he says emphatically.

“My goal is to live a good life free from poverty. I know what suffering is and I don’t want to go back to that life. The Moja Tu sponsorship has given me the perfect opportunity to pursue my education and build a better future for myself. I don’t want to take it for granted.”

Lily Ronoh