Moja Tu

Meet Monica

Currently a class 8 student at Baraka Benchmark Academy, Monica has had to grow up much faster than many of her peers. Living in abject poverty, Monica’s family has often struggled to simply put food on her table, and she has also watched many others in her community go hungry themselves. Her family’s money troubles have also followed her to school; Monica had to repeat class 8 this year, as her parents were unable to afford the fees associated with going to secondary school. As her peers moved on with their educational journeys, Monica remained behind, as it was the only way she’d be able to go to school at all.

Though she has every reason to be, Monica is not bitter about the many challenges she has faced over her life. If anything, she is optimistic for a brighter future, fueled by a good education, and excited at the prospect of getting there with the help of a Moja Tu sponsor. Monica wants to be an engineer, and can’t wait to attend a college to study the subject. However, she has to make it through high school first.

As for extracurricular activities, Monica acts as her school’s student council speaker, and she loves to spend her time with the elderly members of her village, helping them with whatever they need. Her community is very fond of her. Monica hopes that finishing her education will help not only herself and her family, but also her entire community.

Monica has been patiently waiting a long time to take the next step in her education. Don’t let her wait any longer; sponsor her today!

Sponsoring Monica's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!