Moja Tu

Meet Maxwell

Maxwell’s family situation weighs on him a great deal. He comes from a single parent home and seeing his mother struggle to put food on the table saddens him. Maxwell only managed to attend primary school through the generosity of well-wishers in his neighborhood. Without this help, this brilliant young man may never have seen the gates of a school.

Instead of letting the situation at home weigh him down, Maxwell uses it as the fuel to work hard in school. He knows that his entire family is counting on him to someday lift them out of the poverty that has afflicted them for years. Maxwell says he is up to the task, but he needs help to complete his studies.

Maxwell served as an excellent student leader in his primary school. He was responsible for helping to ensure that daily school activities were running smoothly. He also led by example; in his academics, he consistently came out at the top of the class, inspiring his classmates to keep up with him. His intelligence and charisma helped make him a natural leader in school.

This year, Maxwell also found himself leading his class in terms of KCPE results. He earned a high B+ average on his exams, easily putting him above the national average and securing him a spot at a good high school. Maxwell, who wants to pursue a career in medicine, knows he will have to stay focused, work hard, and be disciplined over the next four years to make it to university and achieve his dreams. He has shown us that he is up for the challenge. Now, he just needs a sponsor to help him along the way. Can you help this future leader finish his education? Consider sponsoring Maxwell today!