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Meet Maureen: Growing up without a father

A large percentage of our students come from single-parent homes; in most cases, the father is missing in action, either through abandonment, separation, or death. It is only through sheer willpower and determination that the students we have in the program manage to overcome the challenges of growing up without a father.

Having a male sponsor comes as a saving grace for many students as they can now have a father figure to look up to. We recently spoke to Maureen, a final-year student in criminology and security studies, who grew up without a father in the picture. She candidly shares her experience and what it means to have her sponsor as a father figure.


Maureen recently completed her attachment and is waiting to graduate in December. Before joining Moja Tu, she was constantly sent home due to outstanding school fees. The sole provider for her family was her single mother, who couldn’t afford to pay her school fees.

“I have seen my mother struggle to raise my younger brother and me. A casual laborer, a huge chunk of her meager income went into putting food on the table and a roof over our heads. But, even then, the roof was leaking,” she says pensively.

Maureen completed her primary schooling through the support of her teachers and well-wishers. Receiving a Moja Tu scholarship just as she joined high school was truly a saving grace. The icing on the cake? Her sponsor Uhuru fitted into the shoes of the father she never had.

“Uhuru has become like my father. He not only provides for my education needs, but also is my friend, a role model, and advisor,” she says and adds that he is fun, loving, understanding, and always motivates and encourages her to work hard in her studies.

She does not take for granted that Uhuru always finds time to bond with her. “Uhuru has always made time for me through video calls, and we exchange letters as well despite his busy schedule. This means a lot to me,” she says confidently.


She thanks Uhuru for impacting her life and always wanting the best for her. “I hope to continue making fond memories with him,” she says.

Joy Katanu