Moja Tu

Meet Maryanne

When Maryanne wakes up every morning and prepares for school, she is starkly reminded of how poor her family is. This reminder is once again driven home whenever she is turned away from school due to outstanding fees. Once at home, she is likely to find her stay-at-home mother doing house chores while her father is away working odd jobs to provide for the family. She knows whatever he gets will not be enough for Maryanne and her three siblings.

Maryanne’s older sister is in high school and her parents fork out a huge chunk of their meager wages to keep her in school, leaving little behind for the rest of the family. Maryanne is set to join high school herself next year, but she knows that her family will likely not be able to afford the associated fees. Maryanne’s high grades of 390 out of 500 points, which would usually be met with much pride and excitement, have only made it clearer that she won’t be able to attend school next year. These grades assure her a spot at a national school, which is even more expensive than other high schools.

To escape the disappointments and hardships of her daily life, Maryanne immerses herself in church activities. At church, she helps look after the younger Sunday school children and sings in the choir. She also attends to the aged and people living with disability. Maryanne also does charity work both in and out of school, such as giving out some of her old clothes to street children. She is an aspiring surgeon who hopes to work pro bono in the future to help better the lives of others.

Her own woes aside, Maryanne hates seeing people suffer. She hopes someone with a heart of gold will share her compassion and help her achieve her goals, so she can better her community in return. Will you be the someone to help Maryanne realize her dreams? Sponsor her today!

Sponsoring Maryanne's secondary education is $85/month. Thank you for sponsoring Just One!