Moja Tu

Meet Mary!

When the schools closed for the April holidays earlier this year, Mary walked home with her head held high. She had managed to score 337 out of 500 marks, making her the third best student in her class. She couldn’t wait to show her mother her results.

Her mother, a day laborer at one of Naivasha’s many flower farms, was impressed with her daughter’s performance, but not surprised. Mary had already proven that she was a force to be reckoned with in academics, based on her past test scores and evaluations from her teachers. She had been appointed junior teacher in her math and science classes throughout primary school, and even led a study group of five other members to help them review the subject material they had learned that day in school. Truly, Mary was ready for the challenges she would face in secondary school. There was, however, one looming issue: Mary and her mother had no way to pay for Mary’s upcoming secondary school fees.

Luckily, Mary’s teachers recommended her to our program. Now, the family doesn’t have to worry about paying for Mary’s school fees and can focus on maintaining the roof over its head. Mary’s mother is thrilled at the possibility that her daughter will be able to attend secondary school thanks to the support of a sponsor. She knows that moving on to high school is just the first step in her daughter’s success story. If Mary can make it all the way to university, nothing can stop her from achieving her dream of becoming an entrepreneur.