Moja Tu

Meet Mary: Miracles do Happen!

Mary Wangui has been part of Moja Tu for six years now. She recently finished her diploma course in tourism management and is very excited about the prospects of pursuing a degree course in the same field. Over the years, we have watched Mary grow from a young teen to a responsible, hardworking and confident young woman. She has been a role model to the younger girls in the program and she continues to inspire them to do well in their studies so that they can be agents of change in their families and community.

I joined Moja Tu when I was at Tania Children’s Home. I was then in class eight. I didn’t think I was going to join high school because my mother is a single parent and she could not afford to pay my school fees and at the same time provide for my siblings and me,” she tells us.

A firm believer in miracles, Mary was certain that one would happen for her and that she would pursue her studies to the highest levels. Her motivation was to break the cycle of poverty in her family and community. She managed to score an above average grade in KCPE, which was enough to earn her a spot at Our Lady of Mercy High School. It was then that her miracle came in the form of Moja Tu.

Moja Tu gave me hope for a better future and made me believe I could achieve my goals. Moja Tu has really helped me to grow into a confident woman and being part of this amazing organization is something I will always be grateful for. I have many friends who are now like my family,” she shares.

In 2017, I joined Zetech University to pursue a certificate in hospitality and tourism management. I was able to complete the certificate course,” she explains. Knowing how competitive the job market was, Mary was not about to stop her education and went on to advance her academic qualifications.

I got a chance to do a diploma in tourism management,” she says. But why tourism? “I love tourism because I get to interact with people and nature, too,” she reveals.

After her diploma course, Mary went for attachment at Amboseli National Park. “Here, I put into practice what I had been learning in class. The exposure came with a lot of perks and I definitely came out of internship a different person,” she gleefully tells us.

Having had a taste of her dreams, Mary is keen to extend a helping hand to needy children once she settles into her new future. “My goal is to one day give back to society just like Moja Tu has done for me and many others. I want to have an impact in people’s lives. Moja Tu has taught me love, kindness, care, and unity, and that all dreams are valid,” she explains.

Mary is very optimistic about the future and she chalks this up to the support she has gotten from Moja Tu. She says her story cannot be written without mentioning Kathy.

I thank Kathy for giving me this opportunity and for believing in me. Thank you Kathy for your support, love and generosity. Thank you Moja Tu for all that you’ve done in my life,” she ends.

Mary’s story is a testament that miracles do happen and we are here for it!