Moja Tu

Meet Maria: Keeping Hope Alive!

Meet Maria, a second-year student at Kenyatta University earning a Bachelor in communication and media studies. Maria says that it is a miracle that she finally found a spot at a good university to continue her education. As a form 4 graduate, Maria earned a solid grade which guaranteed her a seat at a university; however, her family did not have the money needed to pay for her school fees.

Despite the lack of funds, Maria did not lose hope. She knew the only way to free herself from the cycle of poverty was to earn her education. She kept her dream of going to university alive by working to raise the money to pay her school fees through odd jobs like cleaning houses. Maria watched as her high school classmates went on to their university educations and hoped beyond hope that she would be able to join them soon. Sadly, another misfortune hit Maria when her father passed away. He never got to see her fulfill her dream of joining university. In his memory, Maria continued to push toward her goal of getting a good education. Three years later, her hard work finally paid off when Maria met with the Moja Tu administration. From there, she quickly found a sponsor and was enrolled at Kenyatta University to pursue her Bachelor’s degree.

Here is what Maria says about her time in Moja Tu:

“My life so far has not been all roses. Education is the one thing that I know will change my future for the better. The three years I stayed home due to lack of fees showed me the importance of a good education, which thanks to Moja Tu’s help, I now have a chance to continue pursuing. The past two years of support from Moja Tu have been full of new experiences that I would have never had the chance to have before joining. My gratitude goes to my lovely sponsor Brenda who has become more than just a friend, but family to me. She has made a huge impact on my life.

Being in university is a dream come true for me and I have been able to use the opportunity to increase my skills. I have a passion for writing and an interest in becoming a media personality. My goal is to become a public relations  practitioner and I dream of opening my own advertising agency in the future. University has increased my confidence and self-esteem, and I have learned how to lead others during my time in school.

I have also found a greater compassion for others in university, especially for children that are in similar situations as I was. I don’t want to see any kids suffer as I have suffered, unsure if they will be able to finish their education and create brighter futures for themselves. One of my main goals later in life is to give back to society the way that Moja Tu has given back to me. I am grateful for the entire Moja Tu fraternity for the incredible support and love they have shown me, and I would like to give that same support and love to another Moja Tu student in the future as a sponsor. I will always be thankful for this opportunity to improve my future. Moja Tu: continue shaping our lives for the better.”